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Services provided

Our partners develop financial structures, provide advisory services, establish contacts and also act as interim managers in special situations. DUKAP focuses on sourcing and securing equity and debt capital.

The company is fully independent with business units across Germany and we serve clients around the world without conflict of interest.

Who we are

DUKAP is a Partnership of seasoned business executives from renowned financial institutions and consulting companies. The partners cover the broad spectrum of corporate and real estate finance with their practical experience.


The corporate strategy delivers the framework for the individual financing concept.
Sound analysis is the basis for developing a finance concept.

The required flexibility and degree of entrepreneurial freedom have to be considered as well…

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DUKAP acts as advisor for companies in the real estate sector regarding financing of acquisitions, refinancing and restructuring.

Based on a detailed data analysis and portfolio analysis we also select parts of the portfolio to achieve an overall optimized refinancing structure…

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Development and implementation of acquisition financing are regularly projects with demanding time constraints.

In addition to financing the actual acquisition, the effect on existing loans of the buyer has to be considered…

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Securing financing is key for entrepreneurs in challenging economic times.

We support our clients and ease their burden so they have more time to make the right decision in their business operations…

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Some of the partners are available to act under certain conditions as interim managers.

Especially in times of transformation an experienced and efficiently acting Interim CFO or Interim COO is necessary…

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The partners of DUKAP have many years of experience in purchasing and selling
companies and real estate portfolios.

DUKAP supports its clients professionally in managing the transaction process
of acquiring and selling companies…

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